2018 Editorial Calendar.


AD CLOSE: 10/16/17 › ON-SALE: 12/12/17

  • Kids: Your Child’s Brain on Sleep
  • Kids: Teach Your Child to Resolve Conflict
  • Kids Food: Unicorn Popcorn
  • Beauty: Sensory Beauty
  • MomBod: Mini Workouts that are Made for New Moms
  • Mom: Black Births Matter
  • Life: The Family Clutter Report
  • Life: Bullet Journaling for Busy Moms
  • Food: Supper is Solved! Instant Pot Recipes


AD CLOSE: 11/16/17 › ON-SALE: 1/9/18

  • Seasonal Food and Crafts: Valentine’s Day Cards and Treats
  • Kids Behavior: When is He Old Enough to…
  • Kids Health: A Microbiome Miracle Cure
  • Kids Food: How Much Milk Does Your Kid Really Need?
  • Kids: If Your Child Likes This, Read ___
  • Beauty: Clean Beauty
  • Life: 25 Classic Movies to Watch with the Whole Family
  • Home: All The Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle
  • Travel: Snow Much Fun!
  • Food: Supper is Solved!


AD CLOSE: 12/15/17 › ON-SALE: 2/13/18

  • Kids: What It’s Really Like When Your Kid Has the Measles
  • Kids: Pediatricians’ Tips for Getting Kids to Cooperate
  • Kids: How to Introduce Solids to Babies
  • Kids: YouTube for Kids You Can Feel Good About
  • Beauty: Mom’s Spring Drugstore Shopping Guide
  • MomBod: Everyday Workout Intervals
  • Mom: Dealing with New Mom Stress
  • Heart of Parenting: I Love Them Like My Own
  • Home: Clever Ways to Clean Your Kid’s Stuff
  • Travel: The Right Cruise for Your Family
  • Food: Supper Is Solved!

Parents Baby

  • Bests: Highchairs
  • Milestones: Raise a Smarty
  • Feeding: Formula Q&A
  • Gear: Toys that Teach About Feelings
  • Life: What Real Estate Agents Wish You Knew


AD CLOSE: 1/16/18 › ON-SALE: 3/13/18

The Imperfections Issue!

  • Seasonal Crafts and Food: Messy Easter Eggs and Seasonal Food
  • Kids: What You Can Learn from Moms with Big Families
  • Kids: Good-Enough Veggies—15 Ideas
  • Kids: How Pediatricians Deal with Bedwettin
  • Mom: Come to Terms with Your Yelling
  • Mom: A Perfect Pregnancy Is B.S.
  • Laugh: Bedtime at the Biggs House
  • Beauty: Blow-Dry Secrets and Mascara Wins
  • Life: Make a Junkyard Playground in Your Backyard
  • Home: 5 Ways to Love the House You’re In, Plus Quick-Clean Secrets
  • Food: Supper Is Solved!


AD CLOSE: 2/16/18 › ON-SALE: 4/10/18

  • Moms Who Are Changing the World/Let’s Get Real Special
  • Kids: Trusting Your Instincts About Your Child’s Mental Health
  • Kids: Find Your Child’s Nap Routine
  • Kids: Finish-Line School Lunches
  • Mom: Parenting While You’re Sick at Home
  • MomBod: Mini-firming Stroller Moves
  • Beauty: Skin and Sun Safety
  • Mom: The Unexpected Win
  • Home: The Best Tech and Smart Home Finds for Families
  • Travel: Besties Weekends with Your Mom Friends!
  • Play: Driveway Fun
  • Food: Supper Is Solved!

Parents Baby

  • Bests: Strollers
  • Health: Scary Baby Symptoms that Are Perfectly Normal
  • Feeding: Why Infant Cereal Rocks
  • Gear: Night Time Favorites
  • Keep Baby Comfortable in Summer Heat


AD CLOSE: 3/16/18 › ON-SALE: 5/8/18

  • Seasonal: Make It a YOLO Summer—Inspiring Ways to Savor Family Time
  • Kids: No-Panic First Aid
  • Kids: Parenting One-Liners that Say It All
  • Kids: Be a Smarter Organic Food Shopper!
  • Kids: Just Taste It with Chocolate
  • Kids: Talking to Kids About Death
  • Beauty: Color Special for Your Hair, Makeup, and Nails
  • Beauty: Best New Deodorants
  • Health: Why Am I So Constipated?
  • Life: Parenting Without Date Nights
  • Mom: Holding on Tight
  • Travel: 50 States Behind the Scenes, Plus Best Roadtrip Entertainment
  • Holiday: Father’s Day Gift Guide
  • Food: Supper Is Solved!


AD CLOSE: 4/16/18 › ON-SALE: 6/12/18

  • Seasonal: 4th of July Party Extravaganza—Recipes, Crafts, Entertaining
  • Kids: Goodbye Punishment, Hello Empathy
  • Kids: The Case for Boredom
  • Kids: How to Spot Dirt and Germs Everywhere You Go
  • Kids: Solving the Case of the Empty Snack Drawer in Summer!
  • Health: Surviving the Sadness of Miscarriage
  • MomBod: Awesome Ab Workout
  • Beauty: Lipstick that Will Change Your Life
  • Beauty: Fresh Hair Q&A
  • You As a Couple: The Importance of Being Needy
  • Mom: The Day We Stayed Home
  • Life: 10 Best Family Cars, Plus How to Clean Your Car So It Feels Like New
  • Home: Keeping Your Pet’s Stuff Neat and Clean
  • Travel: Good-Enough Disney Planning!
  • Food: No-Cook Suppers

Parents Baby

  • Bests: Baby Bottles
  • Sleep: Secrets of Infant Sleep Coaches
  • Feeding: Plate Up Protein
  • Gear: On-the-Go Essentials
  • The Right Way to Apply Baby’s Sunscreen


AD CLOSE: 5/16/18 › ON-SALE: 7/10/18

  • Kids: Easy Surgical Fixes for Common Kid Conditions
  • Kids: Picky Eater Do’s and Don’ts
  • Kids: Shop The Frozen Treat Aisle
  • Kids: How to Play to Your Child’s Strength
  • Kids: Safety Rules You Want to Ignore, But Shouldn’t
  • Kids: Birthday Party Planner
  • Kids: What Do I have to Do to Get You to Nap?
  • Beauty: Summer Hair
  • Beauty: Summer Skin Care Q&A
  • Health: Parenting with a Buzz
  • MomBod: Barre Workout
  • You As a Couple: Manage the Stress of Moving Homes
  • Mom: Parenting Minute-by-Minute
  • Home: Natural Products Moms Believe In
  • Travel: Science and Nature Vacations You Can Drive to
  • Food: 25 Ways to Cook with Berries
  • ood: Side Dishes Are Solved! What to Serve with Your Fave Protein


AD CLOSE: 6/15/18 › ON-SALE: 8/14/18

  • Back to School: Grade-by-Grade School Guide; Smarter School Lunches; Teaching Secrets from Homeschooling Moms; Make Your Kitchen Table Homework Haven
  • Kids: This Tweak Worked
  • Kids: Strep Throat’s Surprising Complication
  • Kids: The Wild World of Baby Teeth
  • Kids: What Science Says About the Difference Between Boys and Girls
  • Beauty: Best Beauty Awards
  • Health: Oh, Thanks, Pregnancy! Solutions to Post-Delivery Health Probs
  • You As a Couple: Why 6 pm Is the Most Important Time of Day
  • Mom: Meeting Our Adopted Daughter’s Grandfather
  • Parenting: How to Parent Neglected Child #2
  • Cleaning: Laundry Hacks for Every Laundry Personality
  • Money: How Frugal Families Create Less Waste
  • Food: Your #MealPrep Game Plan

Parents Baby

  • Best: Baby Monitors
  • Milestones: Bring on the Fun Playtime with Baby
  • Feeding: How Much Should a Baby Eat?
  • Life: What Grandmas Wish You Knew
  • Gear: Bath Time Essentials for Baby


AD CLOSE: 7/16/18 › ON-SALE: 9/11/18

  • Halloween: Best Costumes to Make; Mini-Pumpkin Carving Workshop; Spooky Treats to Make
  • Kids: 10 Most Innovative Children’s Hospitals
  • Kids: Raise a Sporty Kid Without Going Overboard
  • Kids: How to Make Your Kid Feel Lucky
  • Pregnancy: Putting a Difficult Labor Behind You
  • Mom: Sharing The Load with Your Partner
  • Beauty: Fall Best Makeup and Hair Trends
  • Beauty: New Multi-Tasking Products for Moms
  • MomBod: Trendy Fitness Class Experience at Home
  • Food: Casserole Hits for the School Potluck to Block Party
  • Home: Organize Your Kitchen So It’s Family-Friendly; Kids Closet
  • Entertaining: How to Host Fun Playdates
  • Food: Supper Is Solved!


AD CLOSE: 8/16/18 › ON-SALE: 10/9/18

  • Kids: 50 Best Toys
  • Kids: 10 Best Books
  • Kids: Secrets to Surviving Life with a Cast
  • Kids: Answers to Kid Health Questions that Get Googled Most
  • Kids: Parenting with Emotional Intelligence
  • Kids: Preschool Problems Not to Ignore
  • Mom: Dealing with Your Judgy Relatives
  • Mom: The End of I’m Sorry
  • You As a Couple
  • Beauty: Makeover Q&A
  • Beauty: Sleep Special, Part 1: Skin and Hair Products that Work While You Sleep
  • Home: Sleep Special, Part 2: Makeover Your Sleep Routine with These Tech and Home Finds
  • Food: How Test-Kitchen Pros Nail Thanksgiving
  • Travel: Top Vacations for Babies and Toddlers

Parents Baby

  • Best: Baby Carriers
  • Milestones: Happiest. Baby. Ever.
  • Feeding: Get Your Baby to Love Green Veggies
  • Health: How to Treat a Birth Mark
  • Gear: Milk-Time Helpers for Happy Bottle Feedings


AD CLOSE: 9/17/18 › ON-SALE: 11/13/18

  • Kids: Best Holiday Cookies and Treats to Make
  • Kids: Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Calm
  • Kids: Here Comes the Flu Again. Protection Strategies
  • Kids: Why I Love My Pediatrician
  • Kids: How to Raise a Writer
  • Kids: Best Baby Gear Winners
  • Mom: 40 Family Traditions to Start Now
  • Mom: Are you Ready for Another Baby?
  • MomBod: The UnBoring Treadmill Workout
  • Beauty: How to Look Gorgeous in Pics
  • Life: Holiday Ornaments and Keepsakes Kids Can Make
  • Gift Guide: Presents for Everyone Else in Your Life (Besides Your Child)!
  • Food: Supper Is Solved!


  • Editor’s Note
  • You’re Welcome
  • Let’s Get Real
  • We Kid
  • Animal House
  • Giggles
  • Supper Is Solved
  • Kids Health News & Ideas
  • Ages + Stages


  • Snack Hack/Just Taste It
  • Media Mix
  • Beauty Q&A /The Beauty of…
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Awards and Accolades.



  • Winner
    • Eddie Award, Consumer, Series of Articles, Parenting/Family, “Balance 
is B.S.” and “Crushing It”


  • Gold
    • “The New Rules on Raising Babies”
    • “More Than 600 Babies Drown Every Year”
    • “5 Medicine Mistakes Parents Make”
  • Silver
    • “Would You Let Your Child Eat 50 Pounds of Sugar?”
    • “8 Rules for Raising a Healthy Kid”
    • “Secrets of Pediatrician Parents”
    • “How to Save a Child’s Life”
    • “Secrets You Shouldn’t Keep from Your Doctor”
    • “Let’s Talk About Chubby Children”
    • “Immunity Now!”
    • “The Skinny on Thin Kids”
    • “Health ‘Facts’ You May Have Wrong”
    • “Icky Infections”
  • Bronze
    • “Feed Your Child’s Gut”
    • “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Allergies”
    • “Give Your Back a Break”



  • Winner
    • Best Series of Articles, “Fear and Parenting in America”



  • Winner
    • Eddie Award, Consumer, Full Issue, Parenting/Family, September 2014
  • Honorable Mention
    • Eddie Award, Consumer Series/Single Article, Parenting/Family “Rock Your Disney Trip”


  • Gold
    • “The Power of Yoga”
    • “Germ Patrol”
    • “To Circumcise or Not?”
    • “The Food Dye Blues”
    • “The Never-Ending Cough”
    • “You’d Never Leave Your Baby in the Car, Right?”
    • “The Invisible Bully”
    • “Life in a Special-Needs World”
    • “When Your Kid Makes You Sick”
  • Silver
    • “Scary Symptoms (That Are Perfectly Normal)”
    • “Your Child Has Cancer…”
    • “Allergy Test”
  • Bronze
    • “Great Sleep for Grown-Ups”
    • “7 Reasons Your Kid Needs Sleep”
  • Merit
    • “A Different Kind of Tired”
    • “The Cough That Won’t Go Away”



  • Winner
    • Print/Online Coverage of a Single Topic, “Life in a Special-Needs World”
  • Winner
    • Single Article, “You’d Never Forget Your Child in the Car, Right?”
  • Winner
    • Digital Magazine Edition, April 2014


  • Best Digital Magazine, October 2013


  • Winner
    • Eddie Award, Consumer Series of Articles, Parenting/Family, “Life in a Special-Needs World”
  • Honorable Mention
    • Consumer Single Article, Parenting/Family, “You’d Never Forget Your Child in the Car, Right?”


  • Silver
    • “The Snack Epidemic”
    • “Is Your Child Ready to Learn?”
    • “The Truth About the Flu Vaccine”
    • “Building Hope”
    • “Keep Your Baby Safe”
    • “Guns Within Reach”
    • “Going Gluten-Free”
  • Bronze
    • “Pest-Proof Your Home Safely”
    • “I Knew Something Was Wrong”
    • “Period Problems”
    • “Mending Broken Hearts”
    • “Little Insomniacs”
    • “Lice Lessons”
    • “Time for a Vasectomy? Hop to It!”
    • “Organize Your Health Records”
  • Merit
    • “What to Do in an Emergency”
    • “Fast Facts About Urgent Care”


  • Reader’s Choice Award for Women’s Lifestyle, October 2013


  • Healthy Families Category, “Life in a Special-Needs World” section, April 2014


  • Honorable Mention, Physician Excellence in Reporting Category, “The Vaccine Schedule” video on Parents.com



  • Best Relaunch, Parents.com


  • Winner
    • Eddie Award, Best Use of Social Media
  • Winner
    • Eddie Award, Best Full Issue/Parenting Category


  • Gold
    • “Picky, Picky, Picky”
    • “What’s Your Cold and Flu IQ?”
    • “The Right Way to Treat an Ear Infection”
  • Silver
    • “Obesity Hits Home: Little Kids, Big Problems and Fighting Weight”
    • “The Sad Truth About Drowning”
    • “Attention for ADHD”
  • Bronze
    • “Is Your Child Safe in the Car?”
    • “Could Your Child Have Diabetes?”
    • “Protect Your Child From a Predator”
  • Merit
    • “Allergy Action Plan”
    • “12 Symptoms You Can’t Ignore”



  • Best Print Redesign, March 2012


  • Silver
    • Eddie Award, Best Online Community, Parents Facebook Page
  • Bronze
    • Eddie Award, Best Digital Edition, Consumer, October 2011 Edition
  • Bronze
    • Ozzie Award, Best Feature Design, Consumer Above 500,000 Circulation, “Birthday’s A to Z,” May 2012


  • Gold
    • “12 Weeks to a Healthier Family”
    • “Living With Food Allergies”
  • Silver
    • “Could Your Child Have a UTI?”
    • “The Gift of Life”
    • “The Hungry House”
    • “8 Medication Mistakes Moms Make”
    • “Are You Prepared for an Emergency?”
    • “It’s Okay to Stare”
  • Bronze
    • “Take the Kids Out to Eat”
    • “Kids Who Won’t Eat”
    • “Home Safe Home”
    • “The Most Dangerous Drivers”
  • Merit
    • “Understanding Autism”
    • “An Illness Even M.D.s Can Miss”
    • “Something in the Water”
    • “Moms on Drugs”
    • “Music to Her Ears”


  • Outstanding Article Competition; 1st Place, Service Category, “Help Your Son Succeed in School”


  • Finalist, Specialist Magazine Category, June 2011 issue
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Board of Advisors.


Ari Brown, M.D.
Author of Baby 411 and Toddler 411

David L. Hill, M.D.
Author of Dad to Dad: Parenting Like a Pro

Harvey Karp, M.D.
Author of The Happiest Baby on the Block and The Happiest Toddler on the Block

Philip Landrigan, M.D.
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Jane Morton, M.D.
Stanford University School of Medicine

Irwin Redlener, M.D.
Columbia University School of Public Health; Children’s Health Fund

Michael Rich, M.D., M.P.H.
Mediatrician at AskTheMediatrician.org, Boston Children’s Hospital

Harley A. Rotbart, M.D.
Children’s Hospital Colorado; Author of No Regrets Parenting

Darshak Sanghavi, M.D.
Author of A Map of the Child: A Pediatrician’s Tour of the Body

Jennifer Shu, M.D.
Co-author of Heading Home With Your Newborn

Wendy Sue Swanson, M.D., M.B.E.
Author of Seattle Mama Doc blog


Connie Diekman, R.D.
Washington University in St. Louis

David Ludwig, M.D., Ph.D.
Boston Children’s Hospital


Robin Berman, M.D.
Author of Permission to Parent

David Fassler, M.D.
University of Vermont College of Medicine; Author of Help Me, I’m Sad

Harold S. Koplewicz, M.D.
Child Mind Institute; Author of It’s Nobody’s Fault

Rebecca Landa, Ph.D.
Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Kennedy Krieger Institute


Lezli Levene Harvell, D.M.D
Private Practice, Dental Kidz


Wayne Fleisig, Ph.D.
Children’s Hospital of Alabama

Eileen Kennedy-Moore, Ph.D.
Author of Smart Parenting for Smart Kids and Growing Friendships

Jenn Mann, Psy.D.
Author of SuperBaby and The Relationship Fix

Wendy Mogel, Ph.D.
Author of The Blessing of a Skinned Kne

Michael Thompson, Ph.D.
Author of Homesick and Happy and co-author of Raising Cain


Alice D. Domar, Ph.D.
The Domar Center for Mind/Body Health; Author of Finding Calm for the Expectant Mom

Marjorie Greenfield, M.D.
University Hospitals Case Western Medical Center; Author of The Working Woman“s Pregnancy Guide

Laura Riley, M.D.
Massachusetts General Hospital


Deborah Stipek, Ph.D.
Stanford Graduate School of Education

Cathy Vatterott, Ph.D.
University of Missouri-St. Louis; Author of Rethinking Homework


William E. Berger, M.D.
University of California-Irvine School of Medicine

Hugh Sampson, M.D.
Icahn School of  Medicine at Mount Sinai


Wendy Hunter, M.D. 
Rady Children’s Hospital, University of California, San Diego

Martin Eichelberger, M.D. 
Safe Kids Worldwide; Children’s National Medical Center

Gary A. Smith, M.D., Dr.P.H.
Center for Injury Research and Policy, Nationwide Children’s Hospital


Jodi Mindell, Ph.D. 
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; Author of Sleeping Through the Night

Judith Owens, M.D. 
Boston Children’s Hospital


Lawrence F. Eichenfield, M.D. 
Chief of Pediatric and Adolescent Dermatology, Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego

Jody Alpert Levine, M.D.
Plastic Surgery & Dermatology of NYC

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